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Hunan Goodfortune Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells agricultural machinery products such as rice mill, flour mill, chaff cutter, corn sheller and the matching motors, and its accessories as well.


6N-4 Single Rice Mill


6NF-4V Combined Rice Mill with vibrating screen


6FC-180 Multifunctional SuperFine Grinder


9ZT-0.4 Chaff Cutter


5TY-43-86 Corn Sheller ( single roller )


SFG-680780 Cassava Starch Separator Starch Making Machine

The company has dozens of modern automatic CNC equipment such as welding robots, CNC manipulators, laser cutting equipment, automatic coating powder spraying line, automatic assembly line, and precision casting automatic production line.

Its products have been included in the catalogue of agricultural machinery products supported and promoted by the state, and the products are well sold in China and more than ten countries, like Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.