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Accelerated distribution of "one village, one rice mill" throughout the province to ensure full distribution by the end of the year

Time : 2023-03-25 Hits : 15

Guiding farmers from "selling grains to buy rice" to "storing grains to sell rice" to increase income from grain cultivation, the Hunan Provincial Committee and Provincial Government have announced the distribution of one rice mill to each administrative village in anticipation of the upcoming harvest festival.

On the afternoon of September 14th, the Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Provincial Finance Department jointly held a centralized distribution event for rice mills in four counties (urban districts) including Liuyang, Heshan, Jingzhou, and Linwu, distributing a total of 715 rice mills. According to the plan, in the past week, 40 counties (urban districts) in the province have successively carried out centralized distribution of rice mills, accelerating the progress of "one village, one rice mill" to ensure full distribution by the end of the year.

The hallmark of agricultural modernization is mechanization. At the beginning of this year, the Hunan Provincial Committee and Provincial Government required the promotion of the "331" mechanism for the promotion of agricultural mechanization services. This mechanism includes 300 million yuan of funding from provincial, municipal, and county finances to provide subsidies for agricultural machinery operations, cumulative subsidies for purchases, and discounted loans. This will leverage 3 billion yuan of funds for purchasing agricultural machinery and promote the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies of 1 billion yuan in the province.

This year, the province has issued a series of measures to support the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and the promotion of agricultural mechanization to promote the full-scale mechanization of major crops such as grain and rapeseed production. Currently, the provincial finance department has allocated 38.1856 million yuan to purchase rice mills that will be distributed entirely by the government.

The reporter witnessed at the distribution event in Liuyang City that the farmers were very satisfied with the distributed rice mills. Consultation desks were set up on-site, and manufacturers sent technical personnel to provide on-site technical support and maintenance for the rice mills. Gong Xin, Director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Affairs Center, introduced that "one village, one rice mill" is an important measure to implement the "331" mechanism for promoting agricultural mechanization services. After receiving the rice mills, thousands of households can effectively store enough rice for a year, and large-scale grain growers can sell rice instead of grain, increasing their income by more than 500 yuan per mu.

It is understood that the rice mills distributed this time were produced by “GoodFortune” in Shuangfeng County. Since the end of July, more than 6,000 rice mills have been distributed throughout the province.