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6NF-90 Separating-type Horizontal Roller Iron Rice Mill
6NF-90 Separating-type Horizontal Roller Iron Rice Mill
6NF-90 Separating-type Horizontal Roller Iron Rice Mill

6NF-90 Separating-type Horizontal Roller Iron Rice Mill

Place of Origin:LOUDI, CHINA
Brand Name:MIHAO or customized logo
Model Number:6NF-90
Minimum Order Quantity:5 sets
Packaging Details:L950*W480*H1890mm
Delivery Time:Depend on the quantity
Payment Terms:FOB/EXW/CFR
Supply Ability:5000 sets per month


The iron roller rice mill is of separating type with horizontal rollers. It consists of feeder, husking and polishing mechanism, transmission, discharger, rice-bran separator, stand and dust collector, etc. The feeder is composed of hopper-stand and feeding gate. During operating, a certain amount of paddy is remained in the hopper and fed into the husking and polishing chamber by gravity. The feeder rate is controlled by the feeding gate.


Model 6NF-90 separating-type Iron rice mill is a new rice mill which mainly used for husking and polishing paddy into polished rice with high purity. And it automatically separating the polished rice from fine bran. The broken rice and un-milled paddy by rice-bran separating mechanism without using any winnower or sieve. The coarse bran can be re-milled automatically and turned into fine bran which may be used as refined feed.


Main Technical Parameter
Package Size L950*W480*H1890mm
Rated Power7.5kw motor;or 10-12HP diesel engine
Rated Voltage 220v
Motor Speed 2800r/min
Weight (w/o motor)90-108kg
Net weight without machine frame<=100kg
Productivity   700-1000kg/h
Spindle Speed1200+-50rpm
Rice Roller DiameterD*L=90*200mm
Number of rollers2
Rice Sieve length and thicknessL202.5*1.5mm
Number of rice sieve2
Locating dimensions of foundation boitsL280*W460mm
Output Rate ≥75%
Rate of polished rice:Indicia rice >= 67%
Japonica rice >= 69%
Rate of broken rice:Indicia rice >= 39%
Japonica rice >= 26%
Rate of broken rice:Indicia rice >= 10 grain/kg
Japonica rice >= 12 grain/kg
Bran in rice:<=0.2%
Grade of polished rice:Grade 1

Competitive Advantage:

This machine has the features of compact structure convenient and reliable operation, easy installation, fine performance, etc. A dust collector is provided to collect bran and eliminate pollution of the environment. It is one of the rice processing machines used widely in the countryside and towns.





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